school proms hire

The School Prom provides a rare occasion for the school leavers to dress up and celebrate a milestone in their lives. For one night only the jeans and trainers are forgotten and 'formal and fancy' takes their place.

Grooms have established a reputation for offering the widest range of styles for under 18 year olds in the area. By stocking over 400 waistcoats, and ties and accessories in over 40 colours they can provided a unique outfit to match that glamorous venue.
Early booking is advised as the demand for these suits grows higher every year.

These are all teamed with shirts, waistcoats, ties, cravats and button covers.

Shoes are also available for hire.

Classic Dinner Suit

The most popular suit for School Proms is the tradition black dinner suit, often 'customised' with waistcoats or cummerbunds see our Accessory Section

Grooms also offer variations of the plain black suit with striped dinner suits or fancy jackets.

Ivory Suits

In addition to the traditional outfits, Grooms also stock alternatives for the customer who wants to express their individuality. Two of the top outfits in this category are the Ivory ¾ Prince Edward suit and the Ivory Lounge suit. With colour themed accessories and shoes you can stand out in the crowd.

3/4 Fancy Coats (10 colours)

Many customers ensure that the 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to dress to impress is not missed and chose one of the more elaborate ¾ frock coat suits in a wide range of colours. By adding waistcoat, cravat, tie pin and even a dress cane, they will never look so good again!

White Tuxedo

Another popular outfit for the Prom. is the white tuxedo jackets with dress trousers, shirt and bow tie.

Very much in the image of the American Proms. the white Tuxedo is perfect those warm Summer evenings.

Nehru Collars(5 colours)

Grooms stock different styles and colours to try to meet every taste and demand. Their range of Nehru collar jackets provides a complete contrast to the formal suits while still ensuring a smart and individual appearance.

In plain and patterned black and a range of colours Grooms have one of the best ranges of Nehru collar jackets available to hire.

Pinstripe Suits

Grooms have added this pin stripe Lounge Suit into their collection especially for the School Proms. By popular demand they have found this very stylish black suit with a satin pinstripe, matching waistcoat and a choice of 'crunch knot' ties.

Demand is high for this outfit so book early.