Dinner Suit Hire

For nearly 20 years there have only been a handful of styles in men's dinner suits but things are changing.

The demand for more individual outfits is growing every year and Grooms are keeping ahead of this demand.

They offer four styles of dinner suit, four styles of white tuxedo and four styles of fancy jackets.

Celebration Dinner Jacket

Celebration Jacket

Celebration Jacket

Classic Dinner Suit

The most popular outfit for occasions that call for ‘black tie’, ‘formal wear’ or simply dinner suits.

The smart black suit with traditional satin lapels and satin stripe down the trouser seam will ensure that you are correctly attired for that formal occasion. Worn with a bow tie in black or suitable colour the outfit can be made individual with the addition of a matching cummerbund or waistcoat.

Fancy Dinner Jackets

Grooms are continually looking to stay ahead of the demand and when it comes to dinner suits there is a definite trend for alternatives to the black and white jackets.

They currently stock dinner jackets in midnight blue and black velvet, glitter stripe and satin stripe as well as striped dinner suits. - watch this space!

Glitter Jacket

Velvet Jacket

White Tuxedo

The first choice as an alternative to the black dinner jacket is the white tuxedo. Traditionally worn in the Summer or for cruises, the white tuxedo can now be selected for most occasions that call for ‘formal wear’ Grooms stock 3 styles of white tuxedo which can also be worn with matching accessories.

Striped Dinner Jacket

Dice Jacket

The New Dress Black Tie